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RTI Hotel Supply adopts latest version of Sage ERP Accpac

RTI Hotel Supply adopts latest version of Sage ERP Accpac and SageCRM to handle rapid growth in Latin America and Caribbean
1/11/2011 9:00:00 AM

IRVINE, CA (Jan. 11, 2011)—Sage North America announced today that RTI Hotel Supply, Inc., a Miami, Florida-based company that provides specialized products and services to the hospitality industry, is using Sage ERP Accpac and SageCRM as its accounting, distribution and customer relationship management software to power its exponential growth and support its evolving needs. Sage ERP Accpac is award-winning business management software that helps small and midsized businesses in countries around the world manage their accounting, operations and customer relationships.

Focusing primarily on Latin America and the Caribbean, RTI Hotel Supply has built a solid reputation as a single-source provider of high-quality products. A second division of the company builds customized hotel furnishings including vanities, casework and seating. Since its inception, RTI Hotel Supply has relied on Sage ERP Accpac and recently added SageCRM to give them a 360-degree view of its customers and its operations.

Rapid growth, including the opening of several international offices, prompted the company to update its Sage ERP Accpac solution—a system that was already functional, easy to use and stable. “We wanted to take advantage of the expanded features and functionality of the latest version of Sage ERP Accpac,” recalls Robert Perlman, president and owner of RTI Hotel Supply. “We also wanted to add the CRM component to help us build stronger relationships with our customers and vendors.”

For their 18,000 square foot Miami warehouse where orders are picked and packed for shipping, RTI Hotel Supply has found immense value in Sage ERP Accpac’s delivery of comprehensive order details, which consolidate orders and help minimize freight charges.

RTI Hotel Supply performs cycle counts monthly and a full physical count of the warehouse annually. Sage ERP Accpac has simplified this process and the counts are completed more consistently, which has increased accuracy. The company plans to implement bar code technology and a Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) next year to further streamline and automate warehouse operations.

The company keeps thousands of items in the warehouse to ensure its customers receive prompt shipment. However, knowing exactly how much to keep in stock can be difficult and the company must make careful buying and stocking decisions to avoid overstocking.

“If we don’t have something available, our customers are likely to look somewhere else,” says Perlman. “Sage ERP Accpac helps maintain the perfect balance by showing us which items are moving and which are not. We can compare current sales with historical sales and make seasonal adjustments to help ensure that we have the right mix on hand.”

Utilizing the integrated CRM functionality, RTI Hotel Supply now has a comprehensive view of their customers and vendors, helping them strengthen their relationships. Sage ERP Accpac allows the staff to quickly find customers and vendors based on any attribute, keep detailed notes about their conversations and access orders and invoices.  SageCRM synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, so all of the staff’s calendar appointments and e-mails are up-to-date in both places.

“Our intent at Sage is to intimately understand businesses’ needs and to deliver the most effective solutions to specifically meet these,” said Laurie Schultz, SVP and General Manager for Sage Business Solutions’ mid-market ERP. “As RTI Hotel Supply swiftly expanded into international areas, they were able to rely on Sage ERP Accpac to grow with them and to continue increasing efficiencies in order fulfillment, staffing and purchasing decisions. The breadth of Sage’s product portfolio also made it easy for RTI Hotel Supply to incorporate SageCRM into their system.”

The extensive heritage and ecosystem of Sage ERP enables Sage to offer cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that are simple to use and span the diverse needs of midsized businesses across virtually every industry. As one of the largest selections of scalable, integrated ERP software solutions available, the Sage ERP portfolio includes Sage ERP Accpac, Sage ERP MAS, and Sage ERP X3. Sage ERP is designed to work the way each business needs it to, providing the necessary tools to help businesses select, plan, and implement their ideal mix of solutions. Together with over 5,000 channel partners, Sage is committed to delivering an extraordinary experience to its more than 3.2 million customers in North America.

About RTI Hotel Supply
Founded by Robert Perlman and Pete Pelaez in 1989, RTI Hotel Supply was created specifically to fulfill a need for specialized procurement services in the hospitality industry. RTI Hotel Supply’s goal is to offer brand-name hotel supplies and equipment while delivering measurable value and personalized customer service. For more information, please visit

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