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SAGE Accpac ERP Editions

SAGE ACCPAC ERP EDITIONS: To determine which version of Sage Accpac ERP is right for your company, there are three different versions you can choose from:

Sage Accpac 500

Sage Accpac 500 is a comprehensive, multitiered, Web-based business management system that provides access to your accounting system via a standard Web browser or the traditional ACCPAC desktop interface. Sage Accpac 500 is designed for medium to large-sized businesses, typically those with multiple locations operating in the global marketplace. With powerful analysis, reporting and customization options, it is ideal for companies requiring a highly scalable system that supports global business infrastructures and unlimited users. More

Sage Accpac 200

Sage Accpac 200 is completely web-based, and an affordable and expandable business management solution for medium-sized accounting environments. It offers powerful analysis and reporting tools and a complete accounting feature set, with operations management capabilities. And because it is built on the same superior architecture as Sage Accpac 500, you'll find it's easy to move up as your business needs to expand. It's perfect if you're looking for a solution for as many as ten concurrent users. More

Sage Accpac 100

Sage Accpac 100 is a completely Web-based solution specifically designed for the growing company that requires a complete accounting and operations solution. This scalable solution provides you with the financial management power you need - at a price you can afford. Like all editions, Sage Accpac 100 is built from the same open, multitiered technology, allowing you to efficiently increase the functionality and capabilities of your software as your business grows. Sage Accpac 100 is designed to support as many as five concurrent users, offering powerful accounting and operations management tools, extensive reporting capabilities, e-business readiness and a secure growth path. More

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